What Our Patients are Saying About Holly Goguen, L.Ac on Yelp.com

"I found her through a google search and so grateful I did!!!  I have never had acupuncture done before and I am growing tired of popping pills for every ailment. She was very patient and waited for me to come into her office after I got off work late for my first treatment.  She could've easily told me to reschedule but she didn't.   She is fantastic and the treatment was unbelievably relaxing!!! I didn't know a whole lot going into this but I already have an appointment for my next treatment.  The universe works in an interesting way and I am so glad that I googled acupuncture and spoke with Holly."

Angela K. Los Angeles, CA

"I must admit i didn't have high expectations.  i don't know anything about acupuncture and was not convinced.  that was before Holly.  she was delightful.  she really listened and was kind and professional as she took the lead.  as she asked me questions i started to see the validity and potency of acupuncture.  my experience was profound.  during the session i felt a complete change come over me and there was a monumental shift.  by the time she removed the needles i felt grounded, totally in my mind and in my body.  she had performed a wholesale miracle.  just this week i started to feel the burn of life in 2008 in this busy world and i thought, "time to go see Holly!" "

Sean K. San Francisco, CA

"Holly is fantastic. She's about the nicest person you'll meet-- so nice that you might wonder "what ulterior motives does she have with those sharp metallic objects?!" but it's just her genuine love of what she does: helping people feel better. I first saw Holly to help with an past knee injury. Soon I was seeing her to help with muscle tension in my hands too (I'm on a computer most of the day).

Holly is the type of person you want taking care of you: sincere, understanding, and skilled. Yeah, I'm pretty fond of her if you couldn't tell!"

Andrea W., Redondo Beach, CA

"Holly is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of THE NICEST PEOPLE you will ever meet!  I have been suffering from chronic pain from a herniated disc for over 6 years, and have been undergoing Physical Therapy, Chiropractic Care, Cortisone Injections, Deep Tissue Massage,etc.. but nothing has relieved the pain until I met Holly!  In just two weeks of going to her, I am feeling like a new person!  She really listens, really cares, and above all, she really loves what she does and it shows!  She works at a place called Aesthetic Genesis right on Catalina in Redondo Beach and it is the most tranquil, peaceful place (I know.. hard to believe considering you are getting needles put in you) but since she has the most gentle touch, you can barely feel them! If you are in any pain at all, please please please- don't live with it... don't settle for it.. GO SEE HOLLY!!"

Rhett R., Irvine, CA

"I  have just started treatment for stress and getting constant colds and flus that last for, well, what seems like forever. I was a little nervous about acupuncture but nothing else has worked so far so I was pretty much up for anything at this point. Holly was really nice about it and made me feel a lot more comfortable than I thought I would be...and to be honest...it was pretty relaxing considering what it is. So far I'm feeling a lot less stressed, but still waiting to see how the colds go once I get one. Hopefully I don't!  Overall I was pretty impressed with the amount of time she spent with me, and I think she had a lot of good suggestions for things I can do to help treatment.  Definitely going back, hopefully she can cure my constant sickness!

Ron L, Redondo Beach, CA.

"I highly recommend Holly!  I had a chance to do a couple of sessions with her after a recent bout of back and neck problems.  I had always been skeptical about the benefits of acupuncture, but Holly made me feel right at home.  She asked all the right questions, and her demeanor was professional, and courteous.   Plus, what a great location for an office!

But the most important part obviously was the results.  I left each session feeling relaxed, and relieved of pain.  Hopefully my problems won't return, but if they do, I will definitely be going back for more sessions!


Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine Holly B Goguen, LAc